Some Good News for a Change

Because I feel we kinda need those in 2020

Hi 👋 This is Petr from Tasklog.

Maybe you noticed the recent app facelift. Perhaps you didn’t. Who knows.

The point here is that I am shifting Tasklog's focus to a slightly different audience this quarter. Nothing radical. But still, noteworthy.

Why should you care? A good question, indeed.

Well, I do have some goodies for you below.

① The Newsletter Comeback

We did have a newsletter in the past. And it really, really sucked.
All my hopes are this one will be slightly better. Not necessarily good. But better.

(You should set realistic goals, they say.)

To subscribe, you don’t need to do anything.
You can expect 2-3 issues per week.

Now to the next point of our today’s agenda!

② Freebies

To celebrate the recent milestones, I am giving away five vouchers for a Tasklog license, each worth one month. 🎉


Use them wisely and quickly!
(Apply your voucher here.)

That would be all for today.

Have a productive Tuesday!

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